Sunday, October 26, 2008

PART 5 CHAPTER 2 “A good way to learn a new language”.

I think the content-based approach is a good way to learn the Arabic language. According to Jensen, the human brain needs to solve challenging problem. With the content based approach, students learn a language by reading the article in a small group. After that, they need to do exercises related to the article. Lastly, they need to discuss the article by using the target language awkward in a group. Sometime, they had misunderstanding about the article after they read, but is not a problem. The goal is to help the students in reading, writing, communicate with group members and learn how to take notes efficiently about the article that they had read.

PART 5 CAHPTER 1 “A friend”.

My friend was an important influence on me as a child. She was an independent person and I want to learn how to be independent like her. She survived without being supported by her family. She always takes care of her friends and tries making us happy. She always ensures that her homework finished in time. I listened to her stories and usually I looked at her. Today I am an independent and responsible person because her influence. Her name is Marsheila Mamat.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

PART 5 (CHAPTER 6) -ACADEMIC WRITING- A Graduation Ceremony

To become a group of Selangor International Islamic University College’s graduates, students must participate in a graduation ceremony. For this ritual, students must register their name at the register counter which near to the Convocation Hall. Next, they must enter to the hall in wearing the green robes and black caps. After that, they enter to the hall based on their course during the “selawat” tape is being played. Then they must sit together with their ex-classmates in the Convocation Hall. Next, while they listen speeches from the Chancellor and Deputy of Chancellor about their future. After that, the Dean of faculty calls each student’s name. When the students hear their name, they walk up and across the stage. Then they take their scrolls of diploma which a certificate of completion their diploma. After that, they shake hands with their chancellor while the cameramen will capture their picture. At this point, the students become a group of Selangor International Islamic University College’s graduates on the stage with other members.

F) Making connection.~Chapter 5

We have several an Islamic ceremonies in Malaysia. A wedding is an example of Islamic ceremony. It also called as a rite of passage that shows a change in person’s life. As we know, rites of passage have three stages in the ritual. That is separation, transaction and incorporation.

The stage of separation in Islamic wedding, a person who wants to marriage must change their action and habits before their marriage. In this case, girls who are a fiancée should less their activity to meet their fiancé.

The second stage is a transition. In this stage, they need to learn how to be a good wife or husband. They learn it between groups because they leave separate from a group. It also can help them in process of learning. In Islamic, they need to attend a class before they marriage.

In the last stage, they were find a new role or responsibility to marriage. In this stage they region a group again. That means they allowed to meet their couple after the wedding ceremony.

In this ceremony, the bride and bridegroom will wear special clothing. An example, the bride wears a white wedding dress with a scarf at her head. The clanging task in this ritual the time during prepares the food for guest who will participate in this ceremony.

D) PRACTICE: Using the phase USED TO.

Aty used to play with toy cars and tent when she was a child. Nik used to play with toys cooking when she was a child. Faezah used to play with toy mumbles when she was a child. Zati used to play with toy mumbles and Barbie doll when she a child. Fadzil used to play with toy cars and figures when he a child.

Aty used to collect ladybird to be her favorite activity when she was a child. Nik used to play congkak to be her favorite activity when she was a child. Faezah used to play shahibah to be her favorite activity when she was a child. Zati used to play badminton to be her favorite activity when she was a child. Fadzil used to swim to be his favorite activity when he was a child.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

PART 5 (ACADEMIC WRITING)~ an activity.

When I was 8 years old, I learned a lesson about friendship from my favorite activity, playing hide and seek with my friends. Each game we would take around 20 minutes to complete our game. My friends would come to my house to start our game. We also would play at school before class or during lunch time. We would hide around of the school. Before we start our game, we would choose who wanted to seek for or find the others. I like part to be the person who presents the others. It was fun and adventured for me to do it. Awkward I tried to find my friends I was fell because of my own mistakes. Suddenly, my friends who are near with me helped me. From this experience, I learned the value of friendship. The experience had taught that friendship is a feeling in which you care someone more than yourself……

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

my sweet memory.....~Chapter 5

I am very sure which everyone have a sweet memory in their life. Sweet memory is the situation that we like to remind always.

my sweet memory when I was in secondary school at SAMTAJ . I recognized with my lovely friends in year 2000, but we started became a "gang" in year 2001. "Fazalinsha Nadila Zaninasyieha" this is the name of our group. The name come from our members name.

our group have 12 members. we do everthing together such as go to eat, school, bath and so on =)....We are very closely. I am still reminds one situation which we late went to canteen to take our lunch. Actually we have others 10 minutes time to eat, but the auntie doesn't give us food and she said the times was up. After that she clean the counter and kept all the food at back of the canteen. We decided took it by our ownself. We looked like a thief. At the time we eat, the auntie saw what we did, but she just looked and smiled to us. the situation so funny.

I am not denny when others people said many members in our group can make much misunderstanding between us. This is because difficult to fulfill every wish at the same time. But we take it as a positive situation which it can make us to be matured to settle that misunderstanding with carefully.

Now we still contact between each others and meet when if we wish to do it.One of our group members go to Auckland to continue her study. 7 from us continue our study in Malaysia and the rest chose to work.

fa- farah

na- najah


I love them too much=)